Replica Rolex Batman vs. Fake Rolex Batgirl, Which One You Want To Buy?

As early as February 2021, we published an article about the nickname of “Rolex Batgirl” which may not have much meaning for the GMT-Master II reference 126710BLNR. We think that considering the various other names of replica Rolex GMT watches, it might be easier for everyone if all GMT-Master II models with black and blue borders were called Rolex Batman watches. However, since we originally published this article, Rolex has updated the stainless steel GMT-Master II and now offers an Oyster or Jubilee bracelet with the ref. 126710BLNR. Now, you can use any bracelet style to get the current model, so the black and blue Rolex GMT-Master II should have two different nicknames. Is there any reason for this?

In 2019, Rolex stopped producing the first Batman GMT ref. 116710BLNR and replaced it with the updated ref. 126710BLNR. The most significant difference is that the new model uses a Jubilee bracelet instead of the previous Oyster bracelet. Although the new watch also uses the new-generation Swiss ETA movement and other small improvements, the biggest factor that separates the two watches is the style of the bracelet. In order to distinguish Rolex’s two different black and blue GMT watches, 1:1 Rolex watch collectors began to call the ref. 126710BLNR the “Batgirl”. But now, the current stainless steel GMT-Master II model can be used in either style Bracelet, is it time to cancel the “Batgirl” nickname?

Before we start, it is important to remember that Rolex’s nickname is completely informal. In fact, there is no right or wrong answer. Regarding the correct nicknames for the black and blue Rolex GMT-Master II, both opinions have the same reason. Therefore, in order to ensure that our analysis is thorough, we invited some friends in the industry to participate in the final copy Rolex Batman vs. Rolex Batgirl debate.

Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710BLNR VS. Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126710BLNR

Fake Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 116710BLNR

A Case For The Luxurious Rolex Batman Nickname

When referring to the nicknames of cheap fake Rolex GMT-Master and GMT-Master II, the most commonly used nicknames are usually based only on the color of the plug-in itself. For example, all designer Rolex GMT watches with red and blue inserts use the same “Pepsi” nickname, regardless of the specific watch model, material, or even a synonym for inserts. If the nickname of “Pepsi” applies to both the modern white gold GMT-Master II with a ceramic and a stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master with faded aluminum bezel in the 1960s (also applicable to all other red/blue Rolex GMT Watches), then the nickname “Batman” can be used for all different black and blue GMT-Master II replica watches.

Most other well-known nicknames for Rolex GMT (such as “Coke” and “Root Beer”) are similar in format to Pepsi’s nicknames. Even outside of the GMT-Master II collection, a nickname can be used for multiple different Rolex references or configurations. For example, the Paul Newman dial ultimately defines a Paul Newman Daytona. The blue dial and bezel classify the two-tone Submariner as a Bluesy. And any Day-Date is an imitation Rolex President, as long as it has a President-style bracelet, regardless of its size, metal type, or style of dial and bezel.

In addition, the currently produced Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR can now be used for the Oyster or Jubilee bracelet in 2021, which will only further complicate the problem. Since 2019, high-end grade AAA+ Rolex Batman watches with Oyster bracelets have been hot sale online, while Rolex Batgirl collections are luxury watches with Jubilee bracelets. This means that the ref. 116710BLNR is Batman and the new Rolex ref. 126710BLNR is Batgirl. However, now you can get the GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR with the Oyster bracelet, wouldn’t it be easier if all the different black and blue replica Rolex GMT-Master II watches used the same “Rolex Batman” nickname?

A Case For The Counterfeit Rolex Batgirl Nickname

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Reference 126710BLNR
Rolex’s nicknames are completely informal, and the real nicknames for fake watches are just the most commonly used nicknames. For example, the official name of Rolex’s flagship collection of watches is Day-Date replica, but most people call it President. Regardless of the official name of the watch, you can find almost any watch collector or enthusiast on this planet. Say the words “President Rolex” and this person will know exactly what you are talking about. Similarly, just say the words “Rolex Batgirl” and everyone will immediately know that you are referring to the model on the Jubilee bracelet.

In addition, there are many popular Rolex nicknames that only apply to one model or configuration. For example, the nickname “The Smurf” only applies to the 18k white gold Rolex Submariner ref. 116619LB, and the name “Steve McQueen” only refers to the Rolex Explorer II ref. 1655, and the Rolex Sea-Dweller ref. 1665. There are two different nicknames (“Double Red” and “Great White”) on the watch, depending on the variation of the dial on the watch. Considering all other nicknames, it makes sense to use two separate names for the different versions of the black and blue GMT-Master II.

In addition, there is a simple problem, that is, conciseness, which is conducive to retaining the nickname of Rolex Batgirl. If you say “Rolex Pepsi” to someone, that person only knows that you are talking about a red and blue GMT watch. Similarly, if there is no second nickname for the black/blue Rolex GMT-Master II watch, the word “Rolex Batman” conveys only the color of the bezel. However, say the word “Rolex Batgirl” to someone and they will automatically know that you are talking about a new style with a silver jubilee bracelet. At this point, the nickname of Rolex Batgirl already exists, and although it may not follow the same format as other GMT-Master nicknames, it is undeniable that it increases the enthusiasm of collecting Rolex.

Top-rated Fake Rolex Batman Vs. Rolex Batgirl: Guests’ Opinions

Regardless of the specific reference or configuration, all knockoff Rolex black and blue GMT-Master II watches are extremely similar. However, all our customers have different preferences and different opinions on which nickname should be used for these ultra-ideal luxury travel watches. Below is a brief summary of the thoughts and opinions of different people who participated in the affordable Rolex Batman vs. Batgirl debate.

I can’t imagine the Jubilee bracelet version being called Batman. I like it to be called Batgirl, and it will always be the Batgirl in my mind. I just like being a community, we came up with this name together, and it’s very meaningful – especially considering that not everything in this community is meaningful – but somehow someone came up with this name, and they all like “This is really effective”, and people just echoed it. For this reason, with the exception of Batgirl, I can no longer call it the Jubilee Bracelet version of BLNR.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Watches

In 2018, I bought this original Batman with an Oyster bracelet, but I chose it not because I fell in love with it, but because the timing was right. However, I did not realize that I would fall in love with that watch. There is still a debate about how Batman on the Oyster bracelet might be the most perfect modern Rolex replica (in my opinion). Although the Oyster bracelet never attracted me at first, once I actually owned this watch, I found that the Oyster was very suitable for it. For me, the Oyster on Batman and the Jubilee on Pepsi, so when it comes to bracelets designed specifically for Batman, I support the Oyster 100%.

– Bob’s Favorite: Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR (Oyster Bracelet)

I heard that one model is called Batman, and the other reason for being called Batgirl is related to the fact that Jubilee bracelets are more feminine. I don’t know if the watch industry agrees with this, but I understand, at least these are the best Swiss replica watches for men and women. There are some reasons behind the two different nicknames. The introduction of the Oyster bracelet on the all-stainless steel model did make things a bit more complicated, but despite the movement and all of these changes, I think it still depends on the bracelet. If the watch is on the Jubilee bracelet, I call it Batgirl; if the watch is on the Oyster, I call it Batman.

I own a high-quality Rolex Batgirl replica watch, and the Jubilee bracelet is top-notch in terms of comfort. You know the GMT is essentially a travel watch, so it’s great to increase comfort in this area – especially in summer when you are facing hotter temperatures. The Jubilee bracelet is very comfortable and can be worn freely on the wrist. After spending some time actually looking at the watch, it may look a bit stronger on the Oyster, but in terms of comfort, I would definitely choose Jubilee.

– Julia’s Favorite: Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR (Jubilee Bracelet)

I think it is a good topic to call the Jubilee bracelet version Batgirl when introducing this watch to different types of people (my wife is one). When I told her that I was talking about the newest replica Rolex Batman and Batgirl, she was more interested because she thought it might be a female watch, or a watch more suitable for women. The Batgirl nickname in the Jubilee bracelet version can be a good way to get more people to participate in this hobby, to involve people of different genders, and to make everything more neutral.

I certainly prefer the new style on the Jubilee bracelet; it looks more dynamic, and classic, and its appearance is more satisfying. The blue color is more refined, looks more mature, and may be darker. On the older model launched in 2013, the shade of blue did not suit me for some reason. It looked more cartoon-like, which fits Batman’s nickname, but I still prefer the new one. I have personally seen it on the Oyster bracelet several times, but to me personally, it seems more sterile, I just prefer it on the anniversary. I bought it from the replica luxury watches UK online store.

– Sara’s Favorite: Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR (Silver Jubilee Bracelet)

I don’t like the nickname Batgirl very much. I think the name itself is very meaningful and helpful for general shorthand, but in the nicknames of other clone Rolex GMT-Master nicknames, it just doesn’t work. Every red and blue GMT watch is called Pepsi, and anything with a brown color is called Root Beer (although not everyone agrees), so it seems strange to start distinguishing between different black and blue GMT watches. Batgirl’s nickname is nowhere to be found, but if we call the Jubilee bracelet model the Batgirl, then we need to start calling the ref. 126710BLNR of the Oyster bracelet version “Batman Beyond” or “Batman Returns” – then we also need to start to distinguish between different Pepsi models. The Rolex’s Pepsi GMT Master II is very popular with young gents and ladies in the UK.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, I prefer Batman’s Oyster bracelet. However, at the same time, if you already own a ceramic Submariner replica or a fake Sea-Dweller, then the version of the Jubilee bracelet is a bit unique – especially for those who may already own some modern Rolex sports watches.

– Jame’s Favorite: AAA Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR

Now, they provide GMT-Master II ref. 126710BLNR with two bracelet styles, the whole Batgirl’s nickname is a bit meaningless. Even when the Jubilee bracelet version was first released in 2019, I didn’t necessarily feel that we needed a brand-new nickname for this watch. Now you can order the current models with Oyster or Jubilee, aren’t they all called copy Batman watches?

I think the Jubilee is a little more refined. It’s a little better, it just feels a little high, and the Oyster feels more practical. Neither is better than the other, nor worse than the other, but ultimately it comes down to personal use and personal preference. These are people from two different camps, and it can also depend on the specific watch. I think the Jubilee is a great pairing in general with GMT, if we are talking about the Pepsi version, then I might have a different answer. However, when it comes to Batman, I think I still prefer the Oyster bracelet.

– Justin’s Favorite: Exact Rolex GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR